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1 Kasım 2014

What is Health Tourism

It is travelling from a country to another just for treatment, due to any rason (such as the duration of waiting period, economical treatment or more qualified healthcare service, etc.).

Health of the tourist:

The individuals who come from abroad to get sick and their treatment during this period, the health of the places where the tourists stay and the health of the people whp offer service for them are included within the tourist heath subject.

Why is Health Tourism on the agenda

If we consider the tourism as the movement of people from a country to another due to several reasons, the people to live healthy and the subject of health shall be tied to each other.

Health is the most essential right and need of people. Each country determines a healthcare policy and meet the needs of their citizens and pf the people who come from abroad.

Why are Turkey and Istanbul necessary for Health Tourism and medical treatment

Significant successes that are obtained in organ transplantation, genetic tests, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology (the largest ophthalmology clinic network in the World is located in İstanbul), Cardiology, Orthopedics, Plastic Surgery and Dental Health bring Turkey into the forefront in terms of health tourism.

What are things I should know about the languages spoken in Turkey and its culture

Turkish, Kurdish, Zazaki, Arabic, Turkic Languages, Balkan Languages, Laz Language, Circassian Language, Armenian, Caucasian Languages, Romaic, European Languages, Ladino, Coptic Language are spoken in Turkey.

The cultural structure of Turkey consists of the accumulation of rich and various cultures that comes from the depth of history. According to its geographical location, Turkey is located in the center of different cultures such as Eastern, Western, Middle East, Mediterranean and Islamic cultures.

Anatolia, which is one of the oldest settlements in the World, has a rarely seen cultural wealth with its history of thousands of years and with the influences of several cultures in its history. With its rich historical heritage Turkey has also an open air museum aspect, in which also the natural beauties are exhibited.

How long should I stay in Turkey, following the treatment process

It is in direct proportion with your recovery period, depending on the features of the medical intervention that you are subjected to. The physician who consults about your condition will determine the period.

How can I solve the foreign language problem

Yedi Cihan Sağlık Hizmetleri A.Ş. will provide a translator service, who can speak your language and have the knowledge of your culture.

What are the qualifications and quality standards of the healthcare services in Turkey

When compared with the World scale, Turkey is the first with its 51 JCI accredited hospital. A wide range of network is offered for patients with state and private hospital over 1200. The 300 institutions that provide private healthcare service are in close relation with international healthcare centers. Centers such as Horvard Medical International, Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Memorial Sloan-Kettering and New York Presbyterian are among these strong relations. It will be honored to offer service with University and State Hospitals that are scientific centers.

Healthcare services in each part of Turkey are maintained uninterruptedly, in any condition.

What should I bring with me, when I am coming to Turkey

You should bring every kind of documents, reports that include information about your health problem.

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